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Thursday 23 February 2023

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Find the definition of important terms here.

  • Audioguides : Succession of sequences.

  • Sequence : A page of the audio guide in a given language.

  • Translation: The audio guide can state texts in dozens of languages. O-DGuide also allows automatic translation into a smaller number of languages.
    The number of languages is growing steadily, see list here.

  • Point of Interest (POI) : Consists of the sequence in the original language of the translations (usually French) and a sequence for each language of translation.

  • Template : Defines the layout of the sequences (layout, buttons, fonts, colours etc.). Separate templates can be assigned to the different POIs.
  • Interactive cartography : A zoomable and moveable map on which the POIs appear. The user sees his GPS position on the map.
  • Interactive Map : An image on a fixed scale graphic background, scrollable but not zoomable, on which the POIs are represented in an integrated way in the image.