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Friday 13 January 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is status ?

Status is used to manage the visibility of sequences and audio guides for visitors.

What happens if the status is set to offline or in preparation?

If the audio guide has been set to offline or in preparation, no footage will be visible.
The visitor who wants to access the tour will be sent back to a page on which a message indicating the unavailability of the audio guide is displayed.
They can also scan another QR-Code or enter a tour code.

If the sequence has been set to offline or in preparation, it will no longer be available in the list of sequences in the audio guide.
If the visitor tries to access this sequence by scanning the QR-Code for example, they will be returned to the list of sequences.
In the sequence list, a message will be displayed indicating that the sequence in question is not available.

I changed the status of the sequence but the ones in secondary languages do not have the same status.

When creating a sequence this will automatically have the status published.

The modification of the status is done according to the sequence in main language. By modifying its status one automatically modifies the status of the sequence in all languages already created.

Thus, if the sequence in the secondary language was created after the change of status of the sequence, the latter will take the published status.

To solve this problem, change the sequence back to published status and then change it back to your choice.

What is the number of points?

By subscribing to O-DGuide, you benefit from speech synthesis and translation tools. The number of points therefore corresponds to your credit for transforming text into audio and for automatic translation.

This number of points is renewed each month of your subscription.

Each time you make a translation or modify your text and save it, your number of points decreases.

I have problems with my account and my subscription

Go to, to find an answer to your problem.

If you can’t find the answer to your question please contact us