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Thursday 28 September 2023

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Variants are graphical aspects derived from a template. Among other things, they allow sequences to be presented in different ways, while retaining the same navigation bar.

You have access to 4 templates:

  • Basic
  • Moiron Vignette
  • Moiron
  • Élémentaire

One is available on request: Application.
Discover the templates.

How do I choose a variant?

When you choose a template, a list of templates and their variants appears.
A variant will appear as follows: template / variant.
All you have to do is choose the one you want.

What variants?

Each template gives you access to different variants:


This variant will not contain audio and allows you to display text. This can be particularly useful if you want to create a page dedicated to credits, for example.


Rather than jumping from one sequence to another, all the sequences are grouped together on a single page in the form of a list.


This variant gives you access to a slightly different presentation of the elementaire template, in particular with the graphic appearance of the buttons.

Correspondence template - variant

Template Infos Liste Elementaire-bis
Basic X
Moiron Vignette X X
Moiron X X
Moiron Vignette X X X

If you have special requirements and would like to add other elements to your audio guides, such as games, it’s possible.

Discover all the possibilities, or contact us directement.