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O-DGuide presentation

O-DGuide presentation

Wednesday 28 October 2020

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O-DGuide is an application that allows you to quickly create a multilingual audio guide using your visitors’ smartphones.

The use of Speech Synthesis allows you to instantly transform text into audio content in over 40 languages.

To create an audio guide you will need:

  • a title
  • a text
  • a media

From the text, Speech Synthesis generates audio sequences in dozens of languages.

How to access the audioguide

There are several ways for your visitors to start their visit, including :

  • a QR-Code, created instantly,
  • a link to put on your website,
  • a code,
  • with geolocation, or cartography, and click on a point of interest.

The assets that will make you love O-DGuide

  • dozens of languages,
  • hundreds of voices available,
  • automatic translation of a text, in many languages,
  • immediate updating of audio statements, simply by editing the text,
  • background images for each sequence, to orient the visitor,
  • numerous templates and styles adaptable to your graphic charter.

Access a demonstration: Preferably use a smartphone and navigate to :
The demonstration is in french.
Voyez plus d’exemples ici : Galerie

Advantages of O-DGuide

  • no investment, we use the smartphone [1] of visitors,
  • ultra-rapid development,
  • immediate change with an identical voice,
  • insertion or suppression of a sequence, without having to redo everything,
  • you will always have enough audio guides, no matter how many visitors there are,
  • no technical capacity limit [2]: do you want 100, 1,000, 10,000 sequences?
  • adaptation to individuals, with more or less rapid statements.

And with COVID: no need to clean the equipment!

O-DGuide is a "full-web" application distributed in SaaS [3]

  • Your visitors do not have to download an application, they use their web browser to access always up-to-date code and data.
  • You don’t have to do any technical work, i-Tego takes care of everything: hosting, code maintenance, data backup [4].

Because updating your audio guide is easy and immediate, because you don’t have any hardware to acquire and maintain, O-DGuide is a sustainable investment, which you can easily develop iteratively and keep up to date at little cost.

See examples here: Gallery

[1The smartphone must have a browser capable of rendering HTML5 audio in mp3 format. This is now the case on recent mobile devices or those with an updated system and browser. For browser compatibility, see:

[2However, the maximum number of sequences for a visit depends on the subscription formula

[3It is also possible to opt for the "licensed" formula. O-DGuide will then be installed on its own website and adapted to a particular specification.

[4For large organisations, we can install an O-DGuide server on their own infrastructure.