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Use of the audio guide by your visitors

Use of the audio guide by your visitors

Friday 13 January 2023

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The use of the audio guide by your visitors.

You design an audio guide for visitors, but how do they access it? What can they do once they have access to it?

That’s what we’ll explain here.


  • Have a smartphone connected to the internet, either by network or wifi.
    To start the tour it is mandatory to have an internet connection.
    For operation in areas with poor network, please contact us.
  • The mobile must have a browser capable of playing HTML5 audio in mp3 format [1]

Starting the tour

After creating your audio guide and its first sequence, you will find in the tab Audio guide information and qr-code many tools to distribute to your visitors so that they can access the visit.

There are many ways for visitors to access your audio guide.

  • The Qr-Code to scan by your visitors
  • A link, which you can put on your website.
  • A code. From our application it is possible for visitors to access an audio guide.
    By going to the address :
    Then by entering the visit code

Moving between the different sequences

Once on the audioguide the visitor can move to another sequence in several ways:

  • By clicking on the navigation button "previous", "next".
  • By choosing another sequence from the sequence list page.
  • By automatic chaining.
    If the box has been ticked in the form for creating a sequence, then once this sequence has been completed, it will automatically move on to the next sequence.
  • By geolocation.
    Depending on your form, you may have used a geolocation system, if the visitor is within 20m of a point the sequence associated with that point will be triggered.
    For more information, contact us.
  • By clicking on a link located on a map or an image. It depends on the formula chosen, for more information, contact us.

The possible actions in the audioguide

Depending on the template you choose several actions are possible by your visitors.

In the navigation bar some actions are always available

  • Go to the language page
  • Start a new visit.
    This page will offer visitors to enter the code of a visit, or to scan a QR-Code.

  • Start over
  • Go to the sequence list.
  • Manage the playback speed of the audio.

  • Access help.

In the main part of the audio guide

  • Navigate between sequences with the "previous" and "next" buttons or via the < > arrows.
  • Start or stop the audio with play or pause
  • Advance in the sequence by clicking on the progress bar

According to the templates

  • If the user only wants to scan a QR-Code he can do so either from the navigation bar with scan QR-Code or from the scan button
  • View the text spoken in the audio either with "lyrics" or by scrolling down the audio guide.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

[1This is now the case on recent mobile devices or those with an updated system and browser. For browser compatibility, see: