, by i-Tego

O-DGuide is an application for quickly creating an audio guide using your visitors’ smartphones [1].

The use of speech synthesis to vocalize textual content greatly facilitates updating sequences, which allows an iterative design (lean start up) while being particularly economical.

O-DGuide recognizes QR-Codes labels and provides you with the means to manage them.

Go to a demonstration. Preferably use a smartphone and navigate to:
Note: The demonstration is in French, but O-DGuide adapts to all languages. An English demonstration will be presented soon.

The assets that will make you love O-DGuide

  • hundreds of languages ​​ [2] And available voices,
  • an immediate update of the audio utterances, simply by editing the text,
  • background images for each sequence, to orientate the visitor,
  • editable styles for all objects, sequence by sequence, to perfectly adapt the graphic charter to the subject,
  • the launch by QR-Code: for a quick start, without hesitation!

The advantages of O-DGuide compared to classic audio guide solutions

  • no investment, we use the visitors’ smartphones,
  • ultra-fast development, immediate modification with an identical voice, insertion or deletion of a sequence, without having to redo everything,
  • you will always have enough audio guides, whatever the number of visitors,
  • no technical capacity limit [3]: you want 100, 1,000, 10,000 sequences?
  • an advanced human-machine interface, to which Internet users are accustomed,
  • adaptation to people: more or less rapid utterance.

And the most COVID: no need to clean the equipment!

O-DGuide is a "full-web" application distributed in SaaS

  • Your visitors don’t have to download an app, they use their web browser to access always up-to-date code and data.
  • Your O-DGuide visits will last as long as your visitors have mobile phones with a browser, in other words always.
  • You have no technical load, DnC takes care of everything: hosting, code maintenance, data backup [[For large organizations, we can install an O-DGuide server on their own infrastructure.] ].
  • You access a user-friendly management interface allowing you to create or modify a sequence at any time, which is immediately put online. Creating a sequence only takes a few minutes. A small mistake is corrected in the blink of an eye.

Because updating your audio guide is easy and immediate, because you don’t have any equipment to acquire and maintain, O-DGuide is a lasting investment that you can easily develop step by step and keep up to date inexpensively.


[1the smartphone must have a browser capable of rendering HTML5 audio in mp3 format. This is currently the case on recent mobile devices or those whose system and browser are up to date. For browser compatibility, see:

[2A language is fixed for all the sequences of the same subscription. For several languages, you must subscribe to as many subscriptions.

[3However the maximum number of sequences for a visit depends on the subscription formula.